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Apprentice: Warehouse

Under supervision, the jobholder is training towards becoming a Technician whose role is outlined below.
Main Function
The job consists of manual carrying along with assisting technical staff.
In the field:
The role involves rigging and de-rigging at live events.
In the warehouse:
This also includes checking in & prepping equipment.
This role involves taking care of the stock, maintaining it and ensuring that it is secure. This involves logging all stock movements in and out of the warehouse.
The jobholder will help co-ordinate the workflow surrounding the preparation of equipment and work with the technicians to achieve this.
Main Duties
In the warehouse
Prep equipment as directed.
Tidy all areas before leaving each night including all work surfaces and floor areas. In particular, all rubbish must be disposed of.
PAT testing equipment.
Maintain consumable stock levels and recommendation for re-ordering..
Book equipment in and out on Eclipse and ensure that equipment is booked in within 24 hours (except for large exhibitions which must be booked in within 48 hours).
In the field
Whilst on site and in transit to a venue, the jobholder is personally responsible for the security and safety of the equipment until formally handed over to the client.
Before leaving the warehouse, check delivery paperwork to ensure that all equipment has been correctly booked out. If not, alert the Warehouse Manager or his deputy.
Ensure that all the specified equipment on the job sheet is present and loaded onto the vehicle.
Check that sufficient cabling, tape, other consumables and all the appropriate tools are taken to complete the job.
Review the schedule regularly. Arrive at the office or on site prior to the time specified on the schedule.
Upon arrival on site, alert the client, confirm job details and ensure that the delivery note is signed by the client, leaving one copy with the client and returning the other to the warehouse Manager. 

As far as is practicable ensure that equipment is not vulnerable to theft and that a security device is attached whenever possible.
During de-rig, ensure that all Aztec and cross-hired equipment is packed away carefully and checked off against the Aztec copy of the delivery note.
Check all equipment for signs of physical damage in front of the client, especially screens. In the event of any damage, show the client, record the damage on the delivery note and ask the client to sign the delivery note acknowledging the damage.
Ensure that all Aztec and cross-hired equipment is removed from site, checked onto the van and secured, then unloaded into the warehouse.
Following the de-rig of an event all faulty/damaged equipment must be labelled and issues brought to the attention of the Warehouse Manager immediately.
Collate all paperwork associated with a job and return completed paperwork to the Warehouse Manager on arrival at the office.
Other Duties

Maintain a positive attitude at all times with colleagues and all team members.
Take reasonable care for one’s own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by one’s actions.
Not to disclose any information regarding Aztec or its clients to any non-Aztec employee.
Comply with Health & Safety legislation and company Health & Safety policy and procedures.
Comply with company policy, procedures and authority levels.
Other ad hoc duties as shall reasonably be requested.