With everything going on around the world and attacks around the Christmas period in Europe of the past few years this would be an ideal opportunity to educate new and existing staff in how to deal and spot suspicious behaviour. Upside is if we are enabling our staff with the ability to identify suspicious behaviour and where appropriate challenge it then this will have the added bonus of identifying and deterring thefts / shoplifters while also improving customer service skills.

Officers from the Metropolitan police Counter Terrorism protective security operations department would like to invite you and staff to the bellow ACT “Action counters terrorism” presentation

ACT Awareness is a model that is recognised & supported by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) who work alongside the Home Office, in order to deliver Counter Terrorism awareness to individuals and groups including those responsible for safety and security of buildings, businesses & neighbourhoods.  ACT Awareness complements the PROTECT and PREPARE strands of the Government’s CONTEST Strategy to tackle terrorism.

The objectives of ACT Awareness are:
• Raise awareness of current terrorism issues & threat;
• Build and maintain effective working relationships & partnerships;
• Give people confidence to report suspicious behaviour or activity to the police.
Topics covered at ACT Awareness presentation:
• The current threat posed to the UK by International & Domestic terrorism & extremism;
• Suspicious behaviour – What it is & how to report;
• How to deal with a suspicious item;
• Stay Safe – Action to take in the event of a Firearms or Weapons attack

You and members of staff are invited to attend ACT Awareness event – Free of charge & will delivered by Met Police CT Protect officers
Date: Tues 20th November 2018
Start: 1100 (arrive by 1045am)
Finish: 1300 (approx.) * Refreshments will be provided
Venue: Clapham Grand, St Johns Hill SW11 (opp. Clapham Junction BR)
Please email matt.j.bryan@met.police.uk with any questions plus name of persons & business attending.