After 3.5 hours of detailed debate, LBM’s Planning Committee have approved AFC Wimbledon’s return to Merton with the build of a new multi use stadium on the Plough Lane greyhound stadium site.
Andrew Wakefield, Chair of Merton Chamber of Commerce attended the committee meeting, held in public, and spoke in support of the application. He said “Merton Chamber of Commerce gives their wholehearted support to the application. This is based on a number of factors including the benefits increased footfall will bring to spend in the borough’s businesses, a conference facility that can be used in a similar way to the one at Twickenham Rugby stadium, the contribution that AFC already make to the Merton community that can only be strengthened by their return and a good overall business case.”


Eric Samuelson, Chair of AFC – relieved after the 3.5 hour debate at Planning Committee


¬†Ivor Hellor, AFC Commercial Director, celebrates with AFC fans in Civic Centre foyer after LBM’s decision for a new stadium for AFC

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Merton Council unanimously approves AFC Wimbledon application to build new stadium