Music! Gardening! Sport! Food! History! Pollution!

Whatever your passion, someone’s made films about it

Would you like to pick three or four films about the stuff you love and share them with the people of Merton?

Now’s your chance. Tell us your

Merton Council and the Mayor of London are funding the #FilmMerton programme across the next 18 months. As part of the project, there will be a series of film seasons chosen by you, the communities of Merton.

We are looking for six community groups who want to run one of those seasons between late 2018 and mid-March 2020. You would work with the delivery team to

• Find the 3 or 4 films you want to see and share
• Identify the best venues
• Run some kind of event (talks, workshops, walks) around the season)
• Collect audience feedback
• Enjoy your season!

#FilmMerton will fund screening equipment, rights and some publicity and help with the practicalities. You will need to shout about the season, telling your networks, neighbours and communities.

You need to send us your proposal by 7 September 2018 using the form below. Just fill it in as a word document, or print it out and fill it in by hand. We might come back to you and ask some more questions and we aim to make the final decisions in mid-October.

If you have any questions or want to discuss it, or need a complete copy of the information, please contact Sarah Tanburn, the consultant supporting #FilmMerton. She can be reached on or 07771 945945.


Return this form to by 5pm on Friday 7 September 2018. FAQs are below.
About your group and contact details
Name of your group
Key contact name
Email (We prefer an email address, but if you do not have one please just put your postal address here.)
Telephone number
Where are you based?

About your season
What will your season be about? What is your passion?
If you’ve already thought of a season title, add it here.
Who will be your audience? Who do you want to come and see your film choices?

Please add a short statement about how you will make this a ‘season’? How will you identify and link films together? Which films have you already thought of?
About your event
What kind of event are you thinking about to accompany your season?

Would you need help or money to deliver it?

How will you market the season and get people in?
What is your plan to tell people about the films and event and get them to come? Continue on a separate sheet if you need to.
Does your marketing need extra help or money?
Do you want to charge entry and if so what might you do with the money?

Venues and locations
Have you thought about where you would like to show your films and if so why? If you haven’t decided this yet, no problem, but tell us your thoughts so far
Have you thought about a location for your event and if so why? If you haven’t decided this yet, no problem, but tell us your thoughts so far
Can you foresee any problems with the locations you’ve thought of, and if so what will you do about them?

Is there a particular time you would like to choose for your season? If so, why?

Money and other stuff
If you have identified additional costs, how much do you think they will be?
If you have made a budget, then please add on a separate sheet. Otherwise include your estimates here.
How do you think you will raise that money?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your film season proposal?

FAQs and Notes on making your proposal

Who will decide and what criteria will they use?

The decision about which films to show will ultimately rest with you, the community panel running the season (subject to the law and availability of the films you want to show).

The decision about which community groups get to run a season will be made by the Cultural Advisory Group, a team of local community groups, businesses and artists, who are working with the Council to deliver the programme. In considering your ideas, the Group will be looking for:

• A topic or theme of interest and enjoyment you love and want to share with others (from insects to music….)
• A short statement on how you will want to make a coherent ‘season’: how films would be identified and linked. You do not have to have already chosen your films: part of the fun will be discovering new films you want to share.
• A deliverable proposal to bring the season together, such as an event (e.g. talk or workshop) or combine with a live experience (e.g. moving between locations)
• which might be a workshop or a talk or a ramble or something else which enhanced the theme and season
• Ideas on how you will market the season, telling people it is happening and why it will be an exciting set of films to come and see; how you will encourage other people to come and take part
• Thoughts on venues: where would they like to show the films and why, and any practical problems and solutions they can see
• Thoughts on timing: are there particular times of the year you would want to pick.

This open call is for six different groups and the CAG will consider them all together. We need to think about:

• Geographical spread across the borough for both groups participating and venues
• ‘hidden’ costs and challenges – eg current box office hits may not be available for showing on ‘Film Club’ standard projection equipment so groups relying on such expectations would be disadvantaged, though it may be possible to manage some such screenings
• a range of potential audiences (age, ethnicity, sex etc) across the whole of the programme
• timing – so seasons are not all compressed into a few months eg special months/days/festivals groups suggest when they would like to have their season
• ambition – the chance to show off the great communities, talent and opportunities of the borough

About your group?

Your group does not have to be a ‘formal organisation’: it might be your school class, or the people on your allotment. There need to be at least 4 of you and at least two of you must be 18 or under. Give it a name though, because you will need it for marketing.

You need to be based in Merton. If you are particularly linked to one part of the borough, please say so.

How do we pick the films?

If you’ve already thought of films you know and love and you think will engage and excite other people, go ahead and name them. But if you don’t know yet, that’s fine too.

The programme delivery team will work with you to research films and think about their appeal – both to members of your group and the wider community. We are asking you to say how you will tie them together: what’s your theme? What’s the story you want your season to tell?

What do you mean by an ‘accompanying event’?

We want you to do one thing that’s not a film screening but ties in with the programme. This might be something you’ve already planned of course. That’s fine too.

An ‘event’ might be an open day at your place of worship. It could be a drumming workshop, a ramble to investigate pond insects or a walk between location. You might link to a crucial football match. The event is what you make it. It does not have to be open to all ‘the public’ – for instance you might especially want people of a particular age group, though obviously you want to share your passions with as many people as possible.

It will be up to your group to organise the event, so we need to know you are up for that.


You will want as many people as possible to come and see your season, so you need to tell them it is happening. How will you get them in? What will you do about flyers, newspapers, social media, websites, word of mouth? Get your megaphones out!

The successful panels will need to follow the guidelines on publicity – for example any printed material or websites must conform the rules set by the Council and the GLA (as they are putting up the money.) These are not onerous, and if you want to see them in advance, just ask.

Where will the films be shown?

We are looking for all sorts of venues, local to you, relevant to your passion and available – so think about where you would like to show the films and run events.

Some possible places already have projection facilities (like the Library Artspaces) while others will rely on the new equipment we are buying. Be creative about the possibilities that fit your theme and then we can all work together to make them happen

Thinking about venues, we all need to consider (besides spread across Merton):

• Whether a season should all be shown in one place or whether they might benefit from some mobility
• Barriers to access – eg mobility, faith, times of day etc (These may not be ‘showstoppers’ or rule the venue out but you should recognise any such issues)
• Capacity and flexibility: if you think three people and a dog will come, a huge hall will be strange, and vice versa. Will the venue also enable an accompanying event or workshop?
• Opening up new places for cultural activity, creating new opportunities etc, compared to established places
• Track record: has the venue shown films before, did it work?
• Cost: there is no specific budget for venue hire. Will the owners let you use it for free, or can you raise a fee?
• Practicalities: seating, ticket management, relevant certification and insurance
• Whether you expect to charge for entry, how this relates to the cost of screening (as many films charge more for ticketed showings) and what you would do with that income?

When will the films be shown?

We will be running the seasons, and many other events, from late 2018 to mid-March 2020. So far we have not fixed many specific dates, so tell us if you want a specific weekend or week for any reasons.

For instance you might want to tie into a religious festival, or a school event or celebrating the harvest. If you have a specific date in mind, please say so loud and clear.

Money and budgets

We are not asking you to create a formal budget for your season. #FilmMerton will cover the core costs for film rights, screening and some marketing. If you want to spend more, you will need to show where the money would come from.

If you decide to charge for some screenings (knowing that might reduce your audience numbers), think about how much income that might represent and what you might do with that money for the future work of your group.
More questions?

Contact Sarah Tanburn on or 07771 945945.

Call out for film season panels– Word document