Many businesses that permit their staff to occasionally dress down at work cite benefits such as improved staff morale, effectiveness and performance as their justification for relaxing their normal dress codes.

Indigo Planning, an award winning planning consultancy based in Wimbledon, have ensured that the local community also benefit from their dress down Fridays by asking their staff for a donation of £1 every time they dress down. At the end of each year staff select the charities that they would like to benefit from the donations.

This year £1200 was collected and staff decided to donate £600 to Jigsaw4U and Sustainable Merton.

Pam Byfield of Jigsaw4U and Tom Walsh of Sustainable Merton were delighted to be invited to Indigo Planning’s offices to receive their cheques and thank staff.

‘It is very gratifying to feel that more people in our community are finding out about and valuing the work we do.’ – Pam Byfield

‘..It is not just the money. It was also very heart-warming to have your entire workforce turn up to the presentation and to listen to Pam and I.’ – Tom Walsh

Raymond Kinsella of Merton Commerce who helps build bridges and develop relationships between local businesses and the local community was equally delighted: this is not a not a random act  of kindness by Indigo Planning – being responsible is an integral part of their approach to business”.

indigo planning

Pictured: Pam Byfield of Jigsaw4U, Andrew Pepler of Indigo Planning, Tom Walsh of Sustainable Merton

and Raymond Kinsella of Merton Chamber of Commerce