Merton’s Healthy Workplace Service has been running for almost six months now, and the number of businesses taking part is growing on a weekly basis.

It is run for the Chamber by Nicola Davenport (perhaps you’ve spotted her whizzing to and from appointments all over Merton on her panier-laden bicycle?), who is not just spreading the word on how and why we should all be boosting wellbeing in the workplace, but also provides hands-on assistance for companies seeking official accreditation under the London Healthy Workplace Charter.

Nicola says, ‘Here are just four of the many benefits that I’m noticing on an ongoing basis with businesses who are putting healthy workplaces on their agenda.’

  1. It’s the perfect ‘nudge’ to revisit health and safety policies, some of which probably haven’t been updated in living memory.
  2. Attending our January stress awareness workshop opened delegates’ eyes to valuable techniques that can help them overcome difficult issues. A key take-out message was: ‘harness your worries and make them work for not against you’.
  3. Adopting a ‘healthy workplace’ action plan helps focus efforts on activities with lifestyle and teambuilding benefits – bringing the knock-on feelgood factor of happier, more productive staff.
  4. Getting involved in identifying and organising health and wellbeing strategies is a career-enhancing way to empower individual members of staff who can then act as champions or cheerleaders for the rest of the team.

Nicola says, ‘It is wonderful to see how thinking more about health and wellbeing in the workplace is having positive, concrete effects on the businesses and organisations involved. The sense of enthusiasm is contagious!’

Want to find out more about boosting the healthy workplace credentials of your business or organisation? or do you fancy spending a day out of the office in the fresh air at our Golf Day in April? – click to find out more

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