Healthier workplaces mean happier workers, and happier workers lead to more successful businesses.

Merton Chamber of Commerce is committed to this principle, supporting employers in the borough to develop good practice by promoting health and wellbeing in business in effective, achievable ways.


How has the Healthy Workplace Service benefited business?

  • Ongoing advice and inspiration on ways to improve your working practices to encourage greater productivity, reduced staff absenteeism, better staff retention
  • Engagement with more than 100 employers across the borough and beyond
  • Assisting profit and non-profit organisations to win awards, national recognition and praise for their healthy workplace practices
  • PR and marketing gains from association with healthy workplace principles
  • Happier, healthier, more motivated staff

Why get involved?

Study after study shows that encouraging your workforce to stay fit, active and healthy increases motivation and productivity, improves staff retention, reduces sickness absence and aids recruitment.

“Healthy workers have better job performance and lower absenteeism”: The Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)

How can we help?

Our Healthy Workplace Service is among the most active in the capital, winning praise from the Mayor of London’s office and with a national profile via our success in supporting employers of all sizes, and particularly SMEs, in adopting and developing healthier working practices.

We offer a free initial briefing and advice session to establish how our Healthy Workplace Service could be of benefit to your business, with ongoing practical support to help you reach targets including accreditation under the London Healthy Workplace Charter.

Get in touch and we will keep you informed about how to get involved in wellness projects and offers that are available locally, no- and low-cost ways to encourage your staff to look after their health and wellbeing (with the knock-on benefits to your business), and ways to formalise and improve your employee support schemes.

It’s a way to get involved in the health and wellbeing at work zeitgeist that many larger organisations are investing in, but without having to spend on an in-house employee assistance program that may not be a good fit for a smaller business.

Healthy Workplace Resources

We have collated a vast range of information and guidance for businesses and organisations wanting to improve their in-work health and wellbeing credentials. We will check and update these links and on an ongoing basis, but do please let us know if you spot any that are no longer operational.

Useful Healthy Workplace Resources

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Taking advantage of our Healthy Workplace Service is not only a great way to support your workforce, it’s also a brilliant low-cost, low-effort way to win big HR, PR and marketing benefits.

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In 2016 - 2017...


  • Proactviely tweeted, retweeted and mentions of @Merton_Council and council-backed initiatives and organisations via our popular @HealthyMerton twitter account
  • ELEVEN healthy workplaces blog posts on the Merton Chamber website, all promoting the Merton Council-backed healthy workplace service
  • Merton Council-backed healthy workplace service promoted at GLA-organised business breakfast briefing chaired by Nicola Davenport, our in-borough healthy workplace consultant; 50 delegates from private and public sector
  • Healthy workplace consultant Nicola Davenport was a headline speaker about the Merton approach to promoting healthy workplace practices among SMEs at national Inside Government conference Oct 2016; 150+ delegates from public and private sector
  • Attendance and participation at regular GLA steering group meetings re London Healthy Workplace Charter; Merton regularly cited for good and innovative practices
  • Merton presented by Mayor of London’s office with special award for running among the most active and effective healthy workplace schemes in the capital

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