Dear business owner,

I am getting in touch about a new anti-litter campaign we’re launching in Merton called ‘Love Your Street’ and would like to take this opportunity to continue the good work we’re doing with businesses across the borough. Over the coming months, you will see bright ‘Love Your Street’ stickers being posted around the borough as Merton Council launches this campaign to unite the council, businesses and residents against litter.

Following feedback from the 2014 annual residents’ survey which showed that people dropping litter is a top concern for residents, the council has launched the Love Your Street campaign to boost the positive work it does with residents and businesses to keep Merton clean. As part of the campaign, the council has set up a new pledge taken from its anti-litter code which sets out what people can expect from the council and how residents and businesses can help to stop people littering in the borough. When businesses sign up to the pledge they will receive a campaign sticker to demonstrate their commitment to keeping the borough clean and their support for those who work hard to keep the borough tidy, making a stand against the small minority of people who litter.

Businesses that sign up to the pledge will be listed on the Love Your Street webpage as well as being mentioned in My Merton and the quarterly e-newsletter that is being sent to residents and community groups as part of the campaign. Businesses who sign up will be provided with a campaign sticker to put in their window to demonstrate their support.

This is a great way for businesses to show their ongoing commitment to keeping their street and the borough clean as well as making a stand against litter. To sign your business up to the pledge visit

Our waste enforcement team is always here to help and advise businesses about how they can help keep the borough clean including tips on shop front displays and encouraging customers to dispose of their waste responsibly.  You can get in touch by emailing Our FutureMerton team also provides businesses support including funding to improve shop fronts which helps to enhance our high streets.  For information and advice about shop fronts, visitMerton Council’s business support webpages.


Yours sincerely,

Chris Lee


Merton Council’s Director of Environment and Regeneration

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