The Autumn Statement – First Time Exporters Package for UKTI

Recently the Chancellor announced that the Government is launching a new package of support to help small and medium-sized UK businesses take their first steps into export.

The annual £20million package will support over ten thousand new exporters in the next year (2015-16).

The package will include:

  • A new incubator service to prepare first time exporters for exporting and to encourage them to consider international trade as an integral part of their business planning and future success. The incubators will take the form of practical and highly-interactive workshops.
  • Insight visits taking small and medium-sized businesses who are new to exporting to local and accessible markets and introducing them to local support (e.g. commercial staff in embassies, local business support organisations)
  • New grant funding to help them prepare and take their first steps as exporters, by contributing to the initial costs that often deter potential exporters.
  • Digital exporting support. Digital advisers will provide face-to-face guidance and opportunities to UK exporters on how to make online selling part of their business success.

The package will be delivered both through a strengthened regional delivery arm in the form of a new team of first time exporters International Trade Advisers, as well as through innovative partnerships with UK banks, consultancies and legal firms, reaching their tens of thousands of small and medium-sized clients.

In addition:

  • Support to first time exporters at international trade fairs will be taken to another level, providing them with a one-stop-shop for cost-saving and practical support before, at and after events.
  • This package will ensure that first time exporters are at the heart of our promotion of British business at Milan Expo 2015.