image3When 43% of staff absenteeism is caused by stress, it’s time to take action – and that’s exactly what Merton businesses did on Tuesday 26th January, sending delegates to the Stress Awareness Workshop run under our Healthy Workplaces Service.

It was an interactive session, covering areas including what is stress, how to spot the signs, and why it’s important to confront rather than avoid it. Trainer Erica Leslie helped attendees learn how to change their perception of stress from being a threat to being a challenge, use the power of positive thinking, and how to harness the energy of stress into a resource that can be employed to their benefit.

“Stress is not a pink and fluffy issue,” Erica said. “It’s a physical condition. If you think you are suffering from stress, then do something about it!”

Erica Leslie is an experienced wellness practitioner who trains through The Stress Management Society.

She says, ‘Health complications are a primary concern in people suffering from long-term stress. As a stress management trainer, my aim is to empower individuals and organisations to understand and recognise stress in themselves and others so that they can take ownership of and responsibility for their own health.’

Merton Chamber’s Healthy Workplace Service, backed by Merton Council’s public health team, provides help and guidance to enable businesses and organisations throughout the borough adopt healthier working practices that can help reduce absenteeism, improve staff retention and lead to increased productivity. Fit, healthy, happy, active staff are likely to be more enthusiastic, committed and efficient – and taking steps to support their physical and mental health need not be costly. A corporate commitment to small nudges can make a big difference.

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