CSR Accreditation - Your Sustainability Benchmarking Toolkit

It is now more important than ever to show that we are doing all we can to be a responsible business.

CSR-A has established a new, relevant and holistic framework that delivers an up to date standard for environmental and social responsibility.

A new standard that is supported by the CSR-A Four Pillars of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy. This provides a structure that will help an organisation plan and act sustainably.  A new standard that states that environmental and social responsibility should be for every organisation. For this to happen, the C in CSR must be more inclusive. ‘Corporate’ excludes a large number of stakeholders, specifically the third and public sectors, sole traders and small SME’s.

We have re-defined the C to be more inclusive; to include Companies, Communities, Charities. Environmental and social responsibility allows you to enrich the quality of lives for all by investing in social value as an essential part of an organisations culture. This provides purpose and impact and will ensure a sustainable and profitable business. It will help to build a better world for future generations by improving the environment and ensuring a cohesive community to live and work in. It is amazing what many of us are already doing that we don’t talk about. Accreditation provides the perfect opportunity for you to tell your positive story.

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