Starting Up

Here you will find all the information you need to kick start your business in the all important early stages. From a basic business idea, to a more formulated plan, Merton Chamber of Commerce can help you with your route map to business success

Is your business only at the ideas stage? Or perhaps you have completed some initial research and aren’t sure of the next steps to make ideas into reality?

Our Planning and Starting Your Business Guide published by Cobweb is the perfect tool to support and develop your individual action plan so you know what to do next.

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If your business is past the initial stages (see Business Idea tab) and you still need extra help and a guide to make sure you are on the right route, our Ready to Fly Workshop is exactly what you need.

Business planning can be the most daunting part of getting “business ready “. A business plan is not just a route to securing finance but a working bible for you to develop your ideas and continuously refer back to when your business is up and running.

Based on the successful Essential Business Start Up Guide, you will receive our Ready to Fly workbook which will allow you to develop your business plan by working through a series of worksheets at your own pace. These then come together to form your business plan document which will also include those dreaded cash flow and sales forecasts, making your life a lot easier.

If you have already purchased our Essential Business Start Up Guide, you could bring your business plan to life by taking up an individual 2 hour briefing with our Business Adviser on the key parts of the business plan and workbook, feedback on the key worksheets you have completed and virtual support by email, phone and/or Skype along the way.

The support will be tailored to your individual needs and includes all the spreadsheet tools and supporting fact sheets you need.

Contact us to arrange for our Business Adviser to assess if you are “Ready to Fly”.


More advanced?

If you feel you are more advanced than either of the above options, have potentially already started your business plan but would like to confidentially discuss it with and Adviser, then a 1:1 Business Advice Session will be ideal for you!

1:1 meetings are available to answer your specific questions and get independent and impartial advice and guidance on your plans and strategy. This can be by telephone, Skype or in person and will be a one hour session where you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire beforehand to make sure your adviser is prepared and meets your objectives on what you want to get out of the session.

You may also benefit from specialist support available under our Business Services

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“A huge amount of work goes into getting a completely new business going and I found lots of very valuable support at MCC since I launched in summer this year. Not only did I get some training through two workshops, which I attended, but was also introduced to useful local partners. It hasn’t even been one year since I started my business and there is still lots for me to work on, but it’s wonderful to know I can count on the support from Kevan, Raymond, Nicola and others at the Chamber.” Anna Desogus Health Coaching

“I got much more out the meeting than I expected. I came away very focused and fully aware of what is needed to help the business through to the next stage of growth.” Trish Smith

Southside Office Supplies

“Fab Business Services meeting with Kevan from @MertonChamber – thoroughly recommended.” Tweet from John Merriman

Crown Lane Studios